Why Families Choose to Vacation in Tennessee

Why Families Choose to Vacation in Tennessee

Tennessee is a beautiful state where the weather is usually pleasant and picturesque scenes are all around. The state shares a border with eight other states including, Kentucky and Virginia on the northern border, North Carolina on the eastern border, and Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi to the south and finally Missouri and Arkansas forming the western boundary.

Geographically, the highest point in the state is Clingmans Dome at 6,643 feet. The Highland Rim is a high plain surrounding the Nashville Basin and consists of fertile farmland known for high tobacco production. The state climate is mostly subtropical except for the higher mountain elevations with the average summer temperature being about 90 degrees farenheit.

There are many popular tourist destinations including the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smokey Mountains. The natural beauty of the state makes it a popular vacation destination for families with children and adults alike.

Tennessee is a state that boasts more than fifty state parks located within 132,000 acres of amazing and rugged natural terrain. This area includes mountains, lakes and rivers so there is a wide variety of activities available for active families. Hiking trails can be challenging when winding through mountainous or hilly terrain, but less demanding trails are also available for seniors or families with small children.

A variety of recreational activities can be found due to the lakes, rivers and forests in the area. Kids always expect to swim wherever they spend their vacation, and they will not be disappointed with the many swimming areas available. While kids focus on swimming, their parents may be looking forward to catching some fish or boating. Hiking the mountain trails is enjoyable for those who are fit, but riding horseback takes less effort and still offers some great sightseeing opportunities.

While some families will enjoy their stay in a cabin in the woods, others would rather stick closer to town. Pigeon Forge and Nashville are popular destinations for music lovers. Popular artists schedule concerts there often, and few people leave Nashville without attending a concert at The Grand Ole Opry. Dollywood is one of the most popular theme parks in Tennessee, and families with kids of any age are sure to enjoy spending a day or two there.

When a family plans a Tennessee vacation, they are sure to come home with some great memories and plans to return in the future.